Top 10 Secondary Schools in South Africa

Secondary schools in South Africa have become very competitive, as many prospective students are looking for the best schools where they can get an all-rounded education as well as the best results. The list below highlights the top secondary schools.

10. Bishops Diocesan College

This independent boys’ school is located in Cape Town, and is known for its strong academic ethos.

This school has a tradition of aiming for excellence in all areas, including academics, sport, cultural, spiritual and pastoral activities. The school also deals with the challenges that its students face as teenagers by forming partnerships with the parents.

Through these partnerships, the teachers and parents are able to prepare the students for the world that lies ahead.

9. Westerford High School

Westerford High Schools is a co-educational, secular public high school located in Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa. Over the years, this institution has built a reputation of being ‘the school that never sleeps.’

It was opened in 1953, and since then, has provided equal opportunities for boys and girls in academics, sports, and cultural activities. Every student who leaves this institution leaves with the values of mutual respect and inclusivity firmly entrenched.

8. Afrikaanse Ho?r Meisieskool Pretoria

AHMP is one of the secondary schools in South Africa that is specifically for girls. The success of this school over the years is because of hard work, an efficient and competent management, disciplined learners and skilled teachers.

AHMP aims to shape all of its girls intellectually as well as enrich them culturally, while refining their femininity and mental outlook towards life.

7. Rustenburg Girls’ High School

Rustenburg provides a diverse, enquiring and supportive learning environment that equips all its learners with the foundations (cultural, academic, service and sporting) required to excel in life. This institution was founded in 1893, is based in Rondebosch, Cape Town, and has just over 830 girls.

All the girls get to benefit from the challenging learning environment in which their potential is valued and nurtured.

6. Star College Cape Town

This institution, opened in 1999, is one of the leading secondary schools in South Africa. Star College aims to develop individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, as well as productive and innovative.

Students of this school are empowered to achieve their goals and realize their potential, and are also taught to have a broad worldview and respect for human values.

Over the years, this institution has played a significant role in the country’s educational, social and cultural fields.

5. Eden College

Eden College is a leading secular independent school that admits both boys and girls.

Students at this school experience a vibrant educational experience. This institution, established in Gauteng in 1974, was the first school to have a candidate achieve nine distinctions in Matric.

The Durban branch was opened in 2007 to provide a holistic curriculum that includes set and optional subjects, sports and cultural activities to interested students in that region.

4. Star Girls High School

This school was started on 21 January 2009 with only 52 girls in Grade 8, but has since grown into a fully-fledged high school.

Star Girls High School has a vision to equip its girls with academic, ethical and leadership skills that will enable them to excel in the outside world.

All the girls are trained to be articulate, effective, confident, well-qualified and active members of society through a variety of programs that address their aspirations and challenge them academically.

3. Springfield Convent School

Springfield Convent School is another top secondary school in South Africa. This institution values the importance and uniqueness of each person, and prepares each pupil to reach their potential.

It was founded in 1871 by six Dominican sisters, and has since grown into a leading independent Catholic girls’ school that welcomes girls from all faiths and backgrounds.

Springfield was the first school in South Africa to offer Matric to young women.

2. Inkamana High School

This institution provides holistic education coupled with good academic training, aimed at educating learners to live as a community founded on mutual respect and responsibility.

Students are encouraged to look at education as a tool through which they can take up the responsibility of working for the good of their fellow men.

Inkamana High School was started on February 2, 1923, as an intermediate school with only one Grade 5 class by the Benedictine Missionaries from Germany.

1. Herschel Girls School

Herschel Girls School is an independent Anglican school located in Claremont, Cape Town.

Herschel girls pride themselves as being independent thinkers with good research skills, respect for those around them and the community as a whole, and the skills to handle life after school.

Students of this school are exposed to a learning environment that where expectations are high, opportunities abound, role models are in plenty, and accomplishments are recognized and valued.

The above list indicates the schools that do well in the yearly Matric exams and should provide an excellent guide to anyone looking for good secondary schools in South Africa.

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