Top 10 Richest Club Owners in The World 2019 [ Abramovich is #6 ]

Ever wondered who the richest club owner in the world is? There are a lot of clubs that play different sports from time to time but the most common is the football club that most people are used to. Football or Soccer they say is a game of the mind and of passion, so if you are not built for it, then you definitely should not go into it for any reason. Some people who put all their lives and passion into the game are well known as team players, but some other people have their passion fueled in another way, and that is by being the boss on top of the boss who is never seen but controls how the money goes in and out of accounts, and these people are known as Club owners. So we are taking look at the richest club owners in the world.

There are basically two levels of football, which is the level of the country and that of the club. The countryside entails different countries coming together to compete with each other for a particular price, and the club aspect emanates from private sectors, which means that a Club owner can be a private person who has enough money to buy a club and run it.

There are various functions that a Club owner exhibits and one of it is monitoring how money comes in and out of the club. Before we explore all the characteristics or functions of a Club owner, we would look into the history of the football association.

The truth is that without the football association in the first place, then there will be no Clubs or even club owners at all. The latter part of this article would categorically address the lives of the top 10 richest individuals who have earned their respective net worth by the clubs that they manage our own.

It is not an easy thing to acquire a club for yourself, and it is nearly not an easy thing to manage the affairs of an acquired club, no matter how good you tend to be in business, you will always encounter lapses that might almost bring your club down.



MICKY ARISONClub: Miami Heat
Net Worth: $7.9 Billion
He is known as a businessman with two nationalities which are; Israeli and American. He is the chairman of Carnival Corporation and plc which is known for operating cruise and the largest in the world. He was soon replaced as chairman by Arnold Donald, and so he went further to do other things for himself.

He got married to Madeleine Arison who gave birth to two children for him. He is the owner of an MBA club known as Miami heat and his son Nick Arison currently serves as the CEO of the club. His net worth is estimated at about $7.9 billion.

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