5 South African Footballers Who Went Broke After Retirement

When you a footballer player it is known by many that you make cold hard cash, especially when you play for big clubs and even make it to a national team. It is a shocking revelation when soccer players who spent half their lifetime making money most of us can only dream of go broke.

Below is the list of Football Players who went flat broke after their retirement.

It seems as if they failed to manage their finances accordingly and chased the fast life that got them right back at the bottom.

5. Philemon Masinga 

A man whose fame rose dradticall when he scored a goal that took South Africa to it’s World Cup in 1998. Je was a business man too in result he became a multi-millionaire. In a matter of a few period of time , Masinga went from Hero to Zero and lost all his fame and fortune.

The clear indication to that was when he moved from a mansion worth millions to a back room at his mother’s house in Soweto.

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